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Radislav Nikolin - Sydney

Izvimi slabo pisem srpski, mogu u engleski....
My father is Nikola Bogojevic. We now live in Sydney Australia. Qriginally we are from Podgorica. Everyone will knwo my father. His brothers are Vido and Jovan and Ljube was his sister that died last year. He had another sister that died a few years ago. If you need more information please get back to me.
You can reply in serbian. My sister will read it for me.
It is not need to write Serbian.

Thank You for contacting us. We are two admins of Bogojevic Network.
I am Jovan Leaving in Veinna, Austria and Sasa living in Podgorica.
As You could see, there are a lot of Bogojevic in Podgorica.

Wellcome to our network!

Please send some pictures, story about Your family (of course in english, we 
are going to translate it)

You can get your own E-Mail adress .
Please tell me about Your computer skills to know how ti hepl You with it.
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